Reuse: Nappies

10427-web1336 - Re-usable nappies hanging on a washing line - Web Version: 72ppiThe average baby has around 5,400 nappy changes. That’s a lot of disposable nappies, and as they can’t be recycled they usually end up in landfill. Disposable nappies have been about for around 30 year, but they take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. That means that every disposable nappy that has been sent to landfill is still there, and will be even when your grandchildren’s grandchildren are in nappies!

Modern reusable nappies have come a long long way from the old terry towel nappies with safety pins that we might remember. They have poppers and Velcro, different sizes and some fantastic designs, you can even use flushable liners to dispose of the smelly stuff.

However want might surprise you most is that reusable nappies are not only good for the environment. They are also kind to your wallet. An average of 5,400 disposable nappies is quite pricey. One set of reusable nappies can last your child (and the next one) until they stop using nappies, and could work out up to £500 cheaper than using disposables.

There are lots of websites with more information on the benefits of reusable nappies and how to find the ideal type of nappy for you, check out and for more information.

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