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LOGOKerbside Recycling

See also garden waste. The multi-material green and blue box kerbside recycling service currently collects recyclable material from almost 96% of households and the recycling bins from 3% of households. The following items are accepted:blue box/blue lidded bin. Newspapers,magazines,paper,catalogues,contents of unwanted mail, telephone directories,yellow pages,cardboard and envelopes. Green box/green lidded bin: glass bottles and jars,plastic bottles,empty aerosol cans,crockery. Also a garden waste kerbside collection is available in 92% of households see garden waste for more information contact East Lothian council Tel: 01875824305


keys can be recycled using the scrap metal containers at your local recycling center.


Laminates can be taken to your local recycling center.

Light Bulbs


You can reduce the amount of energy you use by fitting low energy light bulbs. These use one fifth of the electricity of normal bulbs,last ten times as long and saves around £10 every year on electricity bills. Fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs can be taken to your local recycling center. Please do not put bulbs into glass recycling points as this will cause contamination which is likely to result in the contents of the glass recycling point having to be sent to landfill instead of the glass being recycled.


See also composting and garden waste. Leaves can be collected to make a good soil nutrient. put leaves into a black polythene bag, mix with a few handfuls of damp garden soil (including a few worms if possible) and close the bag loosely. Store outdoors to produce a crumbly leaf-mould in about a year. Ideal for use as a mulch and soil container for large scale composting. They can also be put into your brown garden waste bin.


You can help to reduce litter by joining the People Against Litter (PAL) Web: www.peopleagainstlitter.org