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Dispose of used wallpaper in your regular bin as it is not recyclable. It contains a wet strength additive which prevents it breaking apart when you put on the paste, but also stops the paper fibers separating in the recycle process so it must be put into your green general recycling bin.

Waste Minimization/Prevention

Customise your clothes

Waste that is not create does not need to be reused,recycled or disposed of , so preventing waste in the first place is the most efficient solution


See jewelry

Water Filters

Using a water jug is a good way to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles you dispose of or recycle. Brita filter cartridges can be returned to certain stores for recycling see www.brita.co.uk/recycle for your local contacts. If you use a different brand of filter, contact the manufacturer to see if they accept back the filters for recycling

White Goods

(Washing machines, fridges,freezers,electric cookers,microwaves etc.) These can be taken to your local recycling center. When shopping for these products look out for energy efficiency information when purchasing new goods. A good rating ( Such as A ) cuts down on electricity running costs. For broken items contact your council for the bulky uplift service here in east
Lothian Tel: 01875 824 305 There may be a charge for this service.


Wire can be taken to your local recycling center.


See also DIY materials. Unwanted woo or timber can be taken to your local recycling center they also accept Laminated wood,chipboard,Formica,plywood and MDF. When buying wood and timber look out for item’s made from reclaimed/recycled timber(e.g. see DIY materials) If buying new items check for the FSC (forest Stewardship council) Symbol which guarantees it is produced from sustainable managed forests. Never burn chipboard or similar materials on an open fire as the glue used in the manufacturing can give off toxix fumes.


Wool can sometimes be taken to your local recycling center but you must check first. You can also add wool to your home compost bin or donate it to charity shops or schools, day centers etc.


worms-300x169Worms can eat their own body weight in waste everyday, while turning your food scraps into nutritious compost. Using a wormery is a great way to reduce the waste you send to landfill. Wormeries can also deal with certain cooked foods, unlike compost bins. The end product, worm compost, is full of nutrients and it’s sometimes reffered to as “Black Gold” Kids love getting involved in looking for a wormery too. Different kinds and sizes are available and to save money, you can even make your own. Some types are suitable for keeping indoors if you don’t have a garden. For more information Visit www.ourlocality.org/wormswork or contact Gail@sustainingdunbar.org