CONGRATULATIONS to all 6 schools in Ward 7

An average of 52% reduction in waste in 1 year!

We have recorded AMAZING reductions in waste at our schools as shown by percentage of the weight of waste going to landfill from the first and the last waste audits the Zero Waste Dunbar project carried out.

The Zero Waste Dunbar team would like to thank the schools, the staff, parents and pupils for all the hard work they have done to achieve these results.

We would also like to thank East Lothian Council for collaborating with the project to introduce a full recycling service and food waste collection in the ward. We now have the first schools in East Lothian with full recycling infastructure and systems.

Special thanks goes to all the janitors and cleaners for their assistance with the waste audits.

The Zero Waste Dunbar project is looking at becoming one of Scotland's first Zero Waste Towns. What do you think this will entail?