Inspirational Strategy

We trialed ways to engage young people in reducing, reusing and recycling waste that would truly inspire them in the hope we could open their eyes to the opportunities this area can present to them to transform the planet for the future and could potentially offer them in terms of employment, creativity and fun.

This strategy was very much linked to the Curriculum Strategy as we hoped to bring the inspirational elements of our program into the lesson taking place at the schools. You can see specifically all the inspirational projects we have carried out in the schools section of the website however we will highlight a few here.

Primary Inspiration

One of the most inspirational projects at the primaries so far has been the animation and green screen projects which took place as part of some of the curriculum work at West Barns Primary. Linking learning to things which matter to children like IT and social media is something pupils really engage with and get inspired by and adding puppets and animation to this really helps to capture children’s imagination and makes them think about sustainability and reducing waste in a new way. We used all of these ideas to enhance and inspire the children to create the film below.

The children wrote the scripts, created all the footage with the aid of an animator and captured all the audio. They were really engrossed and inspired by the process and the learning made a deep impact on the children involved. The paper puppets used by the children were inspired by the characters devised by Zero Waste Scotland for use as part of their communications toolkit for use on litter posters. For further information on the curriculum work the school did as part of the litter campaign which this film was part of, please see the West Barns section of the website under schools.

See their film here: