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LOGOSanitary Products

More than three billion disposable sanitary products are brought in to the UK every year. These are either incinerated,land filled or end up on our beaches if they have been flushed down the toilet. Please do not flush sanitary towels and tampons down the toilet. They are not always removed during sewage processes and can contribute to marine pollution. They must be put in to your green genral waste bin.

Sat Navs

See Mobile Phones/Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and Electrical Equipment

Sewing Machines

Try to repair when possible. Broken electric machines can be taken to your local recycling center.


Including boots and wellington boots. Put new life into old favorites by getting shoes repaired where possible. If you have shoes you no longer want that are in good condition they are accepted at your local charity shop. They can also be taken to your local recycling center tied in pairs.


Slabs can be taken to your local recycling center.


Avoid buying shower gel or liquid soap. A bottle runs out more quickly than a bar of soup, is more expensive and uses more packaging. As an alternative to soap try a specially designed stainless steel bar that has a very long life. You can also buy large bottles and decant into small bottles to save money as well as packaging.


See Coins/Stamps


Use a staple less stapler. This clips together up to four pages by making a small cut and fold in then paper.


See also Cards/Envelopes/pens/Pencils and paper. If you are having a clear-out and have unwanted stationery, or if you your office has old headed paper it no longer uses, ask at your local playgroup,nursery or primary school to see if they could make use of it.


See CDs/DVDs/Tapes/Videos?lps


See also Mobile Phones. Unwanted phones in working order are accepted in charity shops. They can also be taken to your local recycling center and put into the electrical equipment containers.

Telephone Directories

See also Yellow pages. Make sure you only receive the directories that you want by following the tips to reduce unwanted mail. See unwanted Mail/Faxes. Telephone,Yellow pages and other directories can be taken to your local paper recycling point or put into your blue recycling bin. Please remove any hardbacks and recycle with cardboard. Or remove any plastic covers (you can tell if they have plastic covers by trying to rip them- if they do not rip they will usual have plastic covers and place into your regular bin.


See Electrical Equipment

Tetra Paks

See Drink Cartons


See Clothes/Textiles/Fabrics


You can take unwanted or broken tiles to your local recycling center.


See Wood/Timber


See Also Aluminium and Drink Cans. Tins can be put into your green recycling bin.

Toilet Roll Tubes

Including Kitchen roll tubes. Add to your home compost bin or Wormery. Scrunch them up to add air pockets which helps decomposition. Bundle together with string and stand in a small polythene bag. Fill with compost then sow seeds. Keep moist and plant tubes straight out into the soil where they will Biodegrade. Ideal for sweet peas and other tall seedlings. They can also be put into your blue recycling bin.


Save money and resources by hiring tools that are infrequently for the home and the garden. Repair when possible. Electrical and battery operated tools can be put into the electrical container at your local recycling center.

Toys and Games

Donate unwanted, good quality toys and games to charity shops. Buy toys made from wood from sustainable forests rather than plastic ones.Using rechargeable batteries in battery operated toys can save waste and money also buying wind up toys instead of battery operated ones can help too.


Over thirty million tyre’s are removed from vehicles in the UK each year. buy retreaded tyre’s rather than new ones and change your tyre’s before the are worn. Badly worn tyre’s cannot be retreaded. Scrap tyre’s can be used for boat fenders,children’s play equipment or stacked as compost containers. Try using tyre’s as planters. They are particularly good for gowning potatoes – increase your yield by stacking three or four tyre’s as the potatoes plant grows. most tyre dealers send on tyre’s for recycling and ask for a donation towards this service.National Tyre’s And Autocare Accept tyre’s for recycling contact them here. Never burn tyre’s. This is illegal and causes toxic pollution.
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