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Aerosol Cans

These can be put in your green recycling boxes.



These can be put in your green recycling boxes.

Arts and Crafts Materials

you can donate it to local schools or other organisation’s such as brownies or scouts.


wood ash can be put in your compost bins it can also be used in the garden as it contains mineral’s that are healthy for your plants.

coal ash can go into general waste as it is not good for plants.

Baby Wipes

It’s advisable not to use Baby wipes as they are not recyclable but can be reused a number of times see how here. It is also important that they are not flushed down the toilet however the empty packaging can be put in the green bin and alternative to baby wipes is washable wipe as the can be used again and again.


bags such as handbags can be taken to your local charity shop they can also be taken to your local textile recycling point.


Disposable batteries are very wasteful and contain toxic chemical an better alternative is rechargeable batteries as they can be reused and save you money.


Unwanted Bedding is accepted and sold at local charities, if they are in good condition. They can also be taken to your local textile recycling point.


Bikes can be repaired and sold/ given away you can also donate them to the Bike Station in Edinburgh. A Collection service is available. their are collection points in East Lothian at Kinwegar and Noth Berwick. just take your donations to they recycling points their and they will be collected from their. Bike Station is recycling and cycling promotion charity. They repair unwanted bikes to be reused. They.They also offer bike maintenance training to promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable means of trainsport.

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Binoculars in good condition are accepted at local charity shops. If it is not in good condition and is not suitable for reuse it can be put in the green general waste bin.


Blinds are accepted in local charity shops if they are in good condition if not they can go in general waste.


books in good condition can be donated to the local library and can also be sent to local book exchange points.


these can be donated or sold to local charity shops.


old brushed can be given new life by using scissors to cut away the ends of a used brushes bristles. You can also use old toothbrushes for cleaning and DIY projects. Depending on what type of brush it is parts of it can be recycled for example a long brush made of wood can be recycled if you remove the brush head so the handle can be recycled and the brush head can be put in general waste in your green bin.

Buy Recycled

when you can by goods that have been made from recycled material so new materials don’t have to be made saving energy.