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LOGOUnwanted Mail/Faxes

Reduce Junk Mail

The Average household receives 650 pieces of unwanted mail each year. This uses up valuable resources and may also be annoying you. There are four main ways to reduce the amount of unwanted mail that you receive 1: contact the sender e.g. mail order catalog or your bank, requesting that you are removed from their mailing lists. 2. Register with the mailing preference service:

DMA House

 70 Margaret street




Web: www.mpsonline.org.uk



3. register with royal mail to opt out of their door-to-door service:

free post


Kingsmead house

oxpens road





4. Contact the marketing association and ask for details of the “your choice” preference service for unaddressed mail: Tel: 02072913300 Web: www.mydm.co.uk . To opt out of receiving unsolicited faxes register using: The facssimile Preference service

DMA House

70 Margaret street



Fax: 02073234226

Web: www.fpsonline.org.uk

You can take the contents of unwanted mail to paper recycling points or place it into your blue recycling box. Envelopes can be placed in  green paper recycling points or your green recycling box. Do not put envelopes into paper recycling points (apart from the green lidded paper recycling points in east Lothian), As the glue used to stick them together interferes with the paper recycling process and can lead to a lower quality of recycled paper.


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