Parallel footpath plans published on ELC website

Anyone interested in the recent preliminary work in and around the grounds of Pencaitland Parish Church can now view detailed planning application information on the East Lothian Council website.

These plans stem from safety concerns originating in 2008 over the narrowness of the main road footpath and are the culmination of many years of discussion and debate amongst interested parties, including the Church, the Community Council, East Lothian Council, the school, Pencaitland’s Fatal Footpath Campaign and other interested parties.

There are two applications:

  • Formation of hardstanding areas and part demolition of wall – link
  • Resurfacing of existing footpaths, formation of new footpaths, car parking area, erection of fencing, gates, wall, installation of lighting and a change of use from domestic ground to public ground and public ground to domestic ground – link

The first application relates to the creation of an opening to a wall to the eastern perimeter of the church grounds, but it is the second application where the bulk of the changes which affect the community are explained. There are a number of supporting documents — 25 in all.

Click above to view a PDF of the planned changes

A good overview of what is planned can be gained from viewing the PDF file plan of the whole section of works, running from the school car park to the east, to the stone roadbridge to the west.

Making a public comment on the plans

We would encourage everyone with a view on these plans, whether for or against, to leave a comment on the ELC website. It is only through airing your support or concerns that they can be addressed, so it is in everyone’s interest to do so.

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378 thoughts on “Parallel footpath plans published on ELC website

  1. pencaitland Post author

    Hi Robert

    That PDF link was broken, quite probably ages ago. I’ve uploaded a copy of the plans so if you click on the image above it will load.

    There were a number of reasons behind the extension of the car park:

    1. To provide safe car parking with DDA compliant access for the elderly and disabled to use during services in the church.
    2. As above for those using the Carriage House facilities
    3. To alleviate car parking pressures on the main road on Sundays which can cause the A6093 to become potentially more dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians as parked vehicles create a single lane.

    All of the above would be subject to prior agreement with the school which controls use of its facilities.

  2. Ralph Averbuch

    Hi Robert

    The ELC website seems a bit unreliable. It sometimes requires more than one attempt. I clicked the link to comment just now and it worked first time. See the links above as we can’t post live links in comments unfortunately.

    However, just like you, I couldn’t access the PDF. If you go to main planning application summary for the second bulleted application above and then select the tab for “Documents” you can see all the supporting documentation that is associated with the planning application.

    From there the latest site plan is the one called “SUPER CEDED-SITE LAYOUT PLAN – BIGGER THAN AO”. Clicking this brought up the PDF plan for me.

    Hope that’s helpful.

    If you have any other problems on the ELC website please let the community council know by either posting a comment here or emailing



  3. Robert Stuart

    PDF of plan not available to upload preventing meaningful comment.
    Why is the school car park being extended?

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