Maya’s letter to the Public Consultation

One person who couldn’t attend yesterday’s public consultation was local girl Maya Coates who relies on a K-Walker for mobility.

Unfortunately, this meant she was unable to use the pavement to attend the meeting on foot and give her views on the footpath plans. Instead she came as far as she is able unaided and handed her letter to a member of the community council who passed it on to Brian Cooper from East Lothian Council.

Ralph Averbuch collects Maya's letter to give to the Public Consultation with her mum Nicola Dutton
Ralph Averbuch collects Maya’s letter to give to the Public Consultation with her mum Nicola Dutton. Photo courtesy of East Lothian Courier
Her letter:

“I am writing to you to see if it’s possible to widen the pavement on the A6093 in Pencaitland between the church and the Spar – especially the narrow bit before the bridge.

I am 12 years old and I like hanging around with my friends and going to the Spar. I have to use the K-Walker to help me walk and be independent. The pavement is so narrow that it’s not safe for me to walk on it because my walker is too wide, this means I can’t go to the shops with my friends. My sister also has a disability and loves to use her red bike, but this is too wide to fit on the pavement.

My mum says there is going to be a meeting about the narrow pavement. I hope that my views will be considered.

Thank you,


Remember, if you still want to participate because you missed the consultation and haven’t had the opportunity to air your view through other means, you can still take part in the one question survey here.

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