Groundhog Day at Pencaitland Crossroads – Two cars collide

Unfortunately we have to report another car crash at the exact same spot to the incident reported just before Christmas.

Unfortunately we have to report another car crash at the exact same spot to the recent incident at the crossroads on the eastern edge of Pencaitland reported just before Christmas.

Two cars collided at the crossroads entering into easter Pencaitland - click for 2nd image

Sometime shortly before 7pm today (Jan 9th 2012) it appears that a car travelling in on the Tranent road couldn’t brake soon enough approaching the crossroads and met a second car coming into Pencaitland on the Haddington Road.

Fortunately no-one is thought to be hurt, though it’s believed that one of the cars is now inoperable…

UPDATE (8.20pm)

We have further information on the incident from a local resident living at the crossroads who heard the crash and went to offer assistance.

“I was working on the computer upstairs when I heard the familiar loud crash outside at the crossroads of the A6093 and the B6355. The weather was fine and mild with little traffic going through the village at that time. I ran down to assess the situation and offer assistance. Luckily, both ladies were unhurt.

Car A (a small red car) had been driven down the hill from Tranent and was apparently unable to stop at the line. Car B was being driven out of Pencaitland towards Haddington, and Car A ran straight into her. Both vehicles were damaged, though one, damaged on front & wing, was capable of being driven slowly and noisily down into the B6355 towards the nearby graveyard. The other had pulled in on the Haddington road and eventually was capable of being removed.

The small red car was so badly damaged it has had to be taken away by transporter.”

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