Pencaitland community comes together for clear-up

This year’s annual Pencaitland Community Council Clean-up bags a load of rubbish from across the village…

Thanks to everyone who made their way to Trevelyan Hall to help out with this year’s Pencaitland Annual Clean-up. People began arriving from 9.30am and throughout the morning to help out.

A number of people commented that the village already looks pretty clean, but look again and all sorts of discarded detritus begins to surface. One family managed to fill a Council refuse sack after just covering Beech Terrace, Dovecot Park and the Mercat Cross.

Groups covered a wide range of areas across the village, discovering all sorts of stuff – car parts and a number plate included.

Special thanks to Mary McCall, Head Teacher of Pencaitland Primary, who made her way to Trevelyan Hall to help out with the clear up and who kindly ensured that local parents and pupils were made aware of the event in advance.

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Pencaitland Community Council exists to represent the views of local residents about local issues that matter to them. This involves close liaison with other groups in the community and helps to develop a more coherent and dynamic village environment.

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