The volunteers at Pencaitland Scout Group are currently working to see a Scout Troop start-up in 2014. This would enable young people aged 10.5 – 14 years to continue their Scouting after Cubs – or join for the first time if they were not part of the Cub Pack.

logo-scoutsAt present one of the Cub volunteers is willing to lead the Scout Troop but we need to find at least two more volunteers to work with him to run the Troop. This would involve coming at least fortnightly to the Troop and helping to run games and deliver the badge work. Training will be provided as well as support from within and out with the Group, so no experience of Scouting is required.

Whilst this search for volunteers continues we are keen to establish the level of interest in the new Troop and so are opening up this joining list to gather names of interested young people. If you are interested in signing up your child, or in joining (as a young person), please complete the form below.

We are exploring the possibility of the Troop meeting for the first 12-18 months in Haddington as this would allow Cubs from East Linton to have a Troop to join (they don’t have one of their own and all nearby Troops are full). This would also give us a few more young people at the start too, which helps there to be a better atmosphere. In time our plan is for the Troop to split into two separate Troops, with separate leadership teams, and for them to then meet back in their respective villages. We would envisage encouraging car sharing to help with transport from either village to Haddington if we go ahead with this option. However, we are aware that this could be an issue for some young people and/or potential volunteers, and so the form below has a question regarding that – please give us your perspective.

For more information on the new Troop please contact Scott Burton, Local Development Officer for South East Scotland Scouts, on or phone 0131 229 3756. Alternatively you can speak with the current volunteers at Pencaitland Scout Group.

Joining Pencaitland Scouts

Are you interested in having your child join Scouts or even helping out yourself? Fill out the form here.