Paintbrushes out at Pencaitland Park

Recent reports to Pencaitland Community Council about the poor state of the playground equipment in Pencaitland Park prompted East Lothian Council to pull out the paintbrushes and tidy them up.

Paintbrushes out at Pencaitland Park

Other residents have also highlighted problems with the hedging next to the main road, just behind the playpark equipment. In places it has been pushed back leaving large gaps where a toddler or small child could crawl through onto the main road.

East Lothian Council is now aware of this problem and will be looking at measures to resolve this.

If you want to report problems with local amenities please alert the Community Council by sending an email stating what the problem is and where it’s located.

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  1. Louise Sutherland

    That’s great news – the park was needing some work done on it. Thanks for arranging this, it will be really appreciated and I’m looking forward to taking my 2 year old to the park.

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