New flood warnings issued – Share your knowledge

flood alert logoWe have recent video of flooding in Pencaitland plus fresh reports that further floods may occur today. If you spot problems tell others. Here’s how…

If you plan to travel today and spot a flooded section of road please tweet details to @pencaitlandcc or to the Pencaitland Facebook page. This way the information will automatically be passed on to others.

Twitter example message:

@pencaitlandcc Bend of A6093 coming into Wester #Pencaitland flooded both lanes on final bend. #flood #eastlothian

You can use the same text whether sending to Twitter or posting to Facebook or Google+… whichever is your preferred social tool of choice.

the # symbol is often placed in front of keywords on Twitter in order to help people discover relevant updates. If you have room, by adding #eastlothian and #flood to your message it is more likely to be found by those looking for information on floods in the county. Try to be specific, using, for example, #ormiston or #pencaitland hash tags to help geographically pinpoint where the problem is.


Here’s the latest from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency:

“A FLOOD ALERT has been issued for Edinburgh and Lothians.

A period of heavy and persistent rain is forecast to affect the area on Thursday through until Friday. Flooding to low lying areas from rivers and small watercourses is possible. The intensity of the rain may also cause some surface water flooding, particularly in built up areas or on low lying roads. SEPA will continue to monitor the situation and further updates will be provided when new information becomes available.”


More heavy rain was predicted over night and we got it. So much so, that the notorious final bends into the western edge of the village of Pencaitland were already half flooded with run off from the neighbouring field. (Can’t see the video below? Go to Pencaitland Community on YouTube.)

We recently saw the Tyne burst its banks at Pencaitland and it’s done it again today. But the problems will be more acute for Haddington further downstream which already suffered flooding during the last heavy downpour. (Can’t see the video below? Go to Pencaitland Community on YouTube.)

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