Pencaitland Guides seeks new Group Leader to keep unit going

After a number of years at the helm of Pencaitland Guides Lorna Craft is soon stepping down as Group Leader. To remain open Guides needs new people to step forward.

When current Group Leader Lorna Craft moved to the area there had not been any Guides for a number of years. Lorna reopened Guides for business in 2009 with eight girls and gradually grew to a massive group of 42 at its peak. Currently there are 18 girls and a waiting list for Brownies.

Pencaitland's Guides take part in an apple dooking at a Halloween sleepover.
Pencaitland’s Guides take part in an apple dooking at a Halloween sleepover.
Unfortunately Lorna will be stepping down from Guides this Easter, leaving one other adult leader and one 17 year old young leader, neither of whom are able to take on the role of leader in charge, who runs the Unit. As Lorna explains, “To not have a Guide Unit would not only sadden myself and the present girls, but would be a huge loss to the village.”

That’s why we are putting out the call for new volunteers to help keep Guides open in Pencaitland. To remain open they need one or a group of women over the age of 18 to be able and willing to run the Unit and to work towards a leaders warrant. Male helpers are also very welcome.

A leader runs a varied, interesting, girl-led weekly programme. Amongst other things, they keep basic records up to date, plan and organise activity weekends and ensure the safety of the girls in all that they do. Attending area meetings roughly once per session are also required, as well as taking part training sessions for those new to Guiding leadership.

About Guides

Pencaitland Guides on stage for planet fabulous.
Pencaitland Guides on stage for planet fabulous.
Guides are girls aged 10-14 years of age and work in patrols. Pencaitland’s patrols are the Puffins, the Penguins and the Pandas. In their patrols, the girls enjoy working on projects called “Go for its” such as “Football”, “Don’t forget your toothbrush” and “Glamourama”. The girls also do a variety of badges; anything from “survival” to “party planner”. The Guides choose, plan and implement either on their own, with a friend or as a patrol.

In the past four years Pencaitland Guides have had several weekends away — from a weekend in Stirling visiting the tourist spots, to a weekend in Mull, camping and wild camping, sleepovers, weekends at activity centres and day trips into towns and cities. Last summer three of the girls had the experience of a lifetime on a ten day trip to Switzerland with East Lothian Guiding.

Two of the oldest Guides recently completed the Baden Powell Award, the highest award a Guide can achieve. This has taken nearly two years to complete, proving how dedicated our girls can be!

Why volunteer?

Group photo of Pencaitland Guides after dinner in Pathhead.
Group photo of Pencaitland Guides after dinner in Pathhead.
The woman or women who volunteer for this role need to be, in the girl’s words, “fun, enthusiastic and a good laugh”. Volunteers do not need to be a particular “type” – activities outside your expertise can be sourced from other areas.

A past outdoor wild camping trip consisted of a hill walk, camping rough, star gazing and survival skills which was lead by a qualified instructor who worked with Pencaitland’s Group Leader. This can either be a qualified volunteer or a company with relevant qualifications. Pencaitland Guides frequently contact agencies such as the Ambulance Service, Zoo Society, Women’s Refuge, etc., to visit and involve the girls with their cause/role.

Make a difference — get in touch now

Potential volunteers can initially contact Lorna for more information via email .

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  1. Lorna Craft

    Thanks Eilidh! I have thoroughly enjoyed the past four years with the girls. I cannot stress enough how much volunteers could get out of getting involved. We have one Mum who is willing to help out along with Sophie and there will be three young leaders ages 15-17 who know the ropes so to speak – it’s just getting that person to take overall responsibility.

  2. Eilidh Wilson

    Well done Lorna for reviving Guides in Pencaitland – good luck for the future and I hope you get some new volunteers soon 🙂

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