Flood alert for the Lothians

We’ve received notice of a new flood alert from Scotish Environment Protection Agency covering East Lothian.

We’ve received notice of a new flood alert from Scotish Environment Protection Agency covering East Lothian.

A new flood alert for the lothians was issued
A new flood alert for the Lothians was issued
“A spell of wet and windy weather is expected throughout the region on Thursday. There is a risk of surface water flooding in built up areas and on the road network. There is also a risk of flooding from rivers and small watercourses. SEPA will continue to monitor the situation and further updates will be issued as necessary. The worst of the rain is expected to clear by Thursday evening.”

Keep your community informed

If you have to travel and spot a dangerous section of road please tweet details to @pencaitlandcc or to the Pencaitland Facebook page. This way the information will automatically be passed on to others.

Example Twitter message:

@pencaitlandcc Bend of A6093 coming into Wester #Pencaitland water over both lanes on final bend. #flood #eastlothian

You can use the same text whether sending to Twitter or posting to Facebook or Google+… whichever you prefer.

the # symbol is often placed in front of keywords on Twitter in order to help people discover relevant updates. If you have room, by adding #eastlothian and #flood to your message it is more likely to be found by those looking for information on areas under water around in the county. Try to be specific, using, for example, #ormiston or #pencaitland hash tags to help geographically pinpoint where the problem is.

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378 thoughts on “Flood alert for the Lothians”

  1. This weather has me confused. This morning the Tyne hadn’t burst its banks (as it’s done twice already since schools went back).

    But last night at 6pm the turn off/junction from Lempockwells Rd to Huntlaw was totally inundated with run-off coming right down the hill.

    Clearly the ground is well saturated in places so the water has nowhere else to go. That’s why I can’t quite understand why the river hadn’t broken the banks? Maybe it did and just went down very quickly overnight?

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