Learning and Reflection

The following section records our learning and reflections from each projects perspective:

Neighbours Together

People and families are busy and short on time: It became clear that there was more work to be done just to get people to work together ‘as a household’ let alone a neighbourhood group than we originally anticipated.  Family lives are so busy that it is not easy for them to sit as a family to assess their situation and plan change together.  We tried to make the household assessments and action planning as quick and as easy as possible.

The Neighbours Together Project changed from being a ‘Transitions Streets model ‘ to being a unique “Household Canny Challenge” project and took on a more a project coordination role to ensure alignment with all our CCF projects.  Initially the idea was to start to work at forming neighbourhood groups (as per Tranisition Streets model) but it became apparent that engagement needed to start at the household level and then coalesce into groups as and when the opportunities arose.

We would recommend others to start working at a household scale rather than trying to start at a neighbourhood scale e.g. start with the Household Canny Challenge first then work towards Neighbours Together.