Headline Achievements

  • 121 households are actively engaged with our Household Canny Challenge project and ten ‘Neighbours Together’ groups  have formed.
  • We have developed a successful and replicable model for engaging and supporting households to reduce their carbon footprints, working with and through schools as a way of reaching families at the same time as helping schools fulfil ‘green flag’ requirements.
  • Sparewheels Car Club has been established as an independent carshare club.
  • More people are walking, cycling and using public transport with an estimated reduction in car mileage of over 290,000 miles.
  • A method of household worm composting has been successfully developed and tested and has been taken up by six schools and 72 households.
  • A scheme for a 500kW community owned wind turbine has been finalised and proposals for an ambitious 16.1MW community wind farm for East Lothian developed.
  • Our relationship with East Lothian Community Council has been consolidated and the concept of ‘resilience’ is becoming embedded in the work of the East Lothian Community Planning Partnership.