Our Starting Point

The following is a record of what we said we were going to do and is an exact extract from our original project’s CCF application:

The ‘2025 Vision’ and accompanying ‘Local Resilience Action Plan’ will provide a framework for Sustaining Dunbar’s future activities.

Over the coming year we aim to start implementing this Action Plan, building up to meet our short-term goals within the next five years. The key outcomes for this year are:

  • People will be more aware of, engaged with and excited by the challenge of moving to a low-carbon future
  • People will be making fewer unnecessary journeys and will be transferring private car journeys to public transport, walking, cycling and car-sharing
  • People will have easier access to locally produced food, will have reduced the amount of food that they waste and will have increased local nutrient recycling through composting
  • People will have reduced their home energy consumption by being more energy aware and by implementing home energy efficiency measures
  • More households will have installed micro-generation and permissions for larger scale community owned wind turbines will be in place
  • There will be a stronger and more supportive infrastructure in place to support our community’s move to a low carbon future