Our Starting Point

2.       We will continue to put in place the enabling local infrastructure, advice and information services that are needed to support people in our community as they move to a lower carbon lifestyle. This level of work will include:

  • Supporting Dunbar Community Energy Company to progress planning applications for 300kW of community owned wind turbines in partnership with local landowners.
  • Supporting the setting up and early establishment of the Spare Wheels Car Club.
  • Supporting local transport action groups, such as RELBUS, RAGES and ‘20’s Plenty’, that are working to improve public transport provision and make our streets safe for walking and cycling. Single issue groups such as these encourage greater participation and we will ensure coordination between modes of transport.
  • Developing on-line interactive bus timetables and other user friendly, up-to-date public transport and local travel information, particularly targetting people who usually drive to consider taking the bus or train for journeys to neighbouring towns
  • Working with East Lothian Council and our local Community Planning Partnership to develop and put in place supportive local policies and strategies. This will include working to align ELC’s Single Outcome Agreement with community resilience strategies, on the development of an East Lothian local food policy and supportive supplementary planning guidance on community owned wind turbines. 
  • Continuing and developing the BeGreen home energy advice service, including a bulk purchase scheme for PVs and working with East Lothian Council to put in place a community controlled, interest-free, revolving loan fund to finance implementation of energy efficiency measures for substantial eco-refurbishment projects. We expect this to lead to several exemplar eco-refurbishment projects achieving in excess of 60% energy savings in the next year.