Learning and Reflection

Our Lessons learned:

  • No matter how hard you try you can’t reach ‘everyone’ – there will still be people in a locality no matter how big or small, after months and years of communication and engagement who pop up and say – who are you, what are you doing, who funds you and why?
  • You have got to start with realistic and achievable aims and objectives and use these to monitor and evaluate every step of the way.
  • Don’t expect everyone to like what you are doing but also don’t let a vocal minority dominate and or mute a silent majority.
  • You have got to start where people are at and be prepared to maintain a range of approaches, languages, methods and expectations.
  • Some (a small minority) people are sceptical and suspicious of the reasons for and the amount of money the projects attracted due to a lack of understanding about future challenges and the Climate Challenge Fund aims and objectives.
  • Most (the majority) of people are aware of the need to reduce household C02 emissions and are motivated to try and do so in order to save money and the environment.