Onwards and upwards

Now that all the preparatory work has been completed and we have extensive baseline data, maps and high quality public transport information prepared and ready to be distributed, we are ready to progress to the next stage of the project.  Our aim is to encourage and support people to make changes reducing the need to travel by car, cutting co2 emissions.  We want to target the shorter car journeys and those where more sustainable alternatives are available.  Our target is to get a 10% decrease in both types of car journey by the end of the project.  We also want to increase our support for SpareWheels, Dunbar’s Car Club as car clubs have a proven track record in reducing co2 emissions.  Key tasks are:-

  1. Engaging with people and groups to raise awareness of transport as part of general carbon reduction behaviour change (in co-operation with Sustaining Dunbar).  Provide practical and personalised travel information to support the switch to sustainable transport.  Travel dairies completed at beginning of project to highlight car usage and give people the opportunity to organise their lives more efficiently, reducing the need to travel.  Dairies again completed towards end of project to evaluate level of change.
  2. Setting up neighbourhood groups who want take part in Healthy Neighbourhood Workshops to work towards improving their surroundings, making it safer and easier to walk and cycle.
  3. Assisting with travel plans which reduce the need to travel by car for both major employers in Dunbar and all six schools.  Nurseries and playgroups will also be approached.
  4. Work with fledgling local transport groups such as RELBUS and 20’s Plenty to provide help with publicity and promotion, facilitate group meetings and ensure all modes of transport are fully integrated.
  5. Continue and increase support for SpareWheels.  We are seeking to provide support in the form of office space, phone lines, surveys, publicity, promotion and match funding for a Government grant.
  6. Continue work on pedestrian maps, bus/train timetables and service information, including advice on all sustainable transport.  Publication of other integrated public transport timetables (following model of our current Edinburgh Connections timetable).
  7. Publicity to encourage people to use the maps and timetables.
  8. Development of online interactive bus timetables on our website, continuing our aim to make information more user friendly.
  9. Work with local authority and other groups to develop properly joined up and signposted walking network.
  10. Focus on improving conditions and access at train station and key bus stops.  Set up adopt-a-bus stop scheme to improve conditions and ensure up-to-date information provided.
  11. “What’s stopping you” cycling project involving local youth groups, police and local authority.  Two part campaign to increase cycling; a bike recycling scheme and regular cycle maintenance workshops.