Legacy so far

In the short term, our project will have the following legacy:

  • We are confident that the walking maps and public transport information we have produced will provide a model for other towns. In addition, East Lothian Council is developing a ‘Sustainable Travel Town’ initiative and it is hoped that Dunbar will set a standard to which other towns will aspire.
  • A clear set of sustainable travel requirements for the project area has been established for input to the planning process when required.
  • An increasing reduction in carbon emissions from travel.
  • An improved understanding within the community about the impact which our travel choices have.
  • An established volunteer led community car club in Dunbar with increasing membership working to reduce local car miles.
  • An established cycling group working (among other things) to encourage people to use their bikes as everyday transport

Longer term we envisage:-

  • Well informed local neighbourhood groups able to make travel behaviour changes which reduce co2 emissions.
  • Neighbourhood groups working to improve their local environment with skills gained at Healthy Neighbourhood workshops.
  • Active local transport groups able to campaign and apply for funding for their projects.
  • A series of travel information maps and timetables updated regularly by funding from advertising.
  • Employers and schools with travel plans to help reduce CO2 emissions.

The above outputs are already starting to deliver reductions in emissions from transport, and will continue to do so. We’ve also identified a programme of next steps to further consolidate this project.