Project Activities

The project has focussed on the following 5 main areas

1. Overview of previous work

Previous travel studies and reports were collated and reviewed. We included all the local local surveys and national policy documents that we could identify.

2. Identifying Current Travel Patterns

A programme of surveys to determine the travel behaviour of residents and visitors to Dunbar, particularly with regard to journeys of less than 5 miles which could transfer to walking or cycling.

3. Providing Maps and Information

As well as providing access to existing timetables and resources through our office and online, we produced specific combined bus & train timetables that local people found invaluable. New pedestrian and public transport maps have been produced to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport and to highlight the number of local attractions (reducing the need to travel).

4. Community Engagement

We attended local events, delivered workshops and made efforts to reach all sections of the local community through our survey work. Our maps have been delivered to every household in the area raising awareness of the many initiatives we are involved in, and we have installed a community noticeboard at Dunbar train station through East Coast’s Adopt-A-Station programme.

5. Supporting single-interest groups

We established and provided resources and admin support for a number of local groups including a carshare club, a cycling group, a campaign for slower traffic, a bus users group and a village transport group.