Pedestrian and Public Transport Maps

Following a programme of extensive footpath audits, detailed maps showing the existing walking routes and public transport services [link to map] in all major settlements in the project area have now been published.  These maps are innovative, looking at routes from the pedestrian’s point of view; what are the footpaths like, where is the best place to cross, which is the best and easiest route to walk?  Feedback from local groups about the maps themselves and the accuracy of the information shown was obtained, along with additional local information.  The maps do not contain any information specifically aimed at cyclists as this is covered by the excellent map from Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign.

The maps have been distributed free of charge to all households and businesses in the project area in order to encourage the use of these forms of transport. They are also available in at the train station and in local shops and facilities.

Additionally, unfolded copies of the street plans are available for local businesses to display on their walls and an outdoor version of the street plans has been installed at the train station.

We hope to keep the map up-to-date by producing a 2nd edition in a couple of years. Once it becomes clear that the map is a valuable asset to the town we hope that local businesses and national agencies can be persuaded to fund future editions through advertising revenue.