• Information stall at Sustaining Dunbar’s “Gathering In” event in October.  The event was well attended by the public who showed interest in our maps and took away over 100 bus or train timetables.  Events such as these helped to reinforce our growing reputation as providers of high quality public transport information.Connecting Dunbar promotional items such as bicycle bells, reflective stickers and snap bands are proving very popular at events.
  • Information stall at Aikengall Community Wind Farm Family Open Day which was very well attended.  Over 50 local bus timetables were given out, together with the Connecting Dunbar bus/train information leaflet.  Survey responses were obtained from a number of villagers.
  • Information stall at Dunbar Primary School Fair, giving an opportunity to complete household surveys, give away public transport timetables and publicise work of Connecting Dunbar.
  • Organised a bike sale in association with the school.