Other Impacts

One of the long term aims of the project has always been to promote a safe, convenient and coherent network of sustainable transport routes.  This will have a beneficial impact on the local environment, not only by reducing car traffic, but also by improving the town’s facilities and appearance.  Cycling and walking are low cost, healthy forms of travel and as such will have major health and economic benefits.  These include:-

  • The creation of a more cohesive and sociable community (people out walking and cycling will often stop and chat)
  • Public spaces being used more often by more people will reduce the incidences of anti-social behaviour in these areas
  • Making the High Street more accessible to all will increase trade in local shops and reduce the need to make longer shopping trips by car
  • The provision of a network of routes will open up and connect more areas of the town, encouraging improved integration of existing and new areas of development.