Community Engagement

Over 1000 local people replied to the programme of travel surveys including householders, employees and school pupils/parents/carers.  In these surveys, local people were given the opportunity to express their concerns about the current travel network.  These concerns, together with information obtained from the surveys about travel behaviour, have been used to formulate the key areas for future work.  Connecting Dunbar’s website, regular newsletters, facebook groups, attendance at local events, together with good relationships with local schools, community councils and other local groups have also provided feedback.  In the future, Connecting Dunbar is seeking to build on the contacts made in the current project by getting them more involved.  We are also looking to expand this involvement into local community, neighbourhood and interest groups.

Lessons Learned

  • Go to all the public events you possibly can; chatting with people in an informal environment such as a school fair is invaluable.
  • Take account of other organisations timescales.  When working with small voluntary groups, they may have a longer timescale for meetings etc. than you, so give plenty of notice.