Rural villages win super-fast broadband funding

Neighbouring East Linton and Garvald & Morham Community Council have landed funding which will allow them to develop super-fast, next-generation broadband for their communities — residents who previously had very slow or no service at all.

Leader funding secured for super-fast broadband in parts of rural East LothianThe initial plan is to roll out a 20Mbps service to the communities and businesses of East Linton, Garvald, Morham, Gifford and most of the areas in between. That’s a full 12Mbps faster than the very best connections most people in rural East Lothian can ever hope to get at the moment.

The story began in 2004 when locals in Garvald were told by BT that their exchange would not be broadband enabled. Similarly the Morham area were told their telephone lines would not be upgraded to receive broadband from the Haddington exchange. That prompted residents and businesses within the Garvald & Morham community to seek funding from Leader Plus and East Lothian Council to set up a community wireless broadband service. The community won the funding, operating a 2Mbps service since June 2005.

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