news.ourlocality.OrgEvery so often OurLocality gets a makeover. Yay!

News.OurLocality.Org (NOL) our aggregator website for all the good things that happen on our local platform, now looks better.

NOL uses a responsive template, so should look great on your smart phone, tablet or widescreen TV. Try resizing your screen and see how it responds (just don’t try confusing it)! No, it ain’t retina ready, but why would you bother on a community platform?

To get your readers attention you will now have to try harder. No longer will a catchy title do. Nor will careful catgory management be enough. You must now use the featured image facility when you create a post and above all make sure it is eye catching (but not so large that it slows down the internet).

If your template don’t support featured images, you should really consider changing your template! If your featured image plays havoc with your website, you probably need a fresh template. Call by or book some time to discuss. We’ve got a few including our main site that we’re looking to change.

NB: Makeovers. There is no plan or community wide consultation, it just happens, just like the hundreds of updates and fixes that are quietly applied while you sleep, and 100s questions that people email in that  get a response faster than you would get from Google, Facebook or Twitter. You don’t pay them either.