If you have an existing self hosted website or free hosted website, but want to move your contents closer to home, we’ve just installed a handful of importers that will deal with a good number of the most popular platforms.

Blogger imports posts, comments, and users from a Blogger blog.

Movable Type and TypePad imports posts and comments from a Movable Type or TypePad blog.

Tumblr imports posts & media from Tumblr using their API.

WordPress import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file (either self hosted or from wordpress.com).

RSS imports posts from an RSS feed.

Categories and Tags Converter converts existing categories to tags or tags to categories, selectively.

To import your blog, you’ll need go to Tools > Import and follow the instructions. Remember too that in most cases the importer handles the text content, so you may need to import the images separately. The good news is that images may also be imported from another wordpress site, if your site is still live. Wordpress has a range of advice on importing from other platforms, but this is probably not for the faint hearted. We’ve done some complicated imports, including html, csv, and using wordpress.com as a staging post, so we know how laborious this can be, but still a heck of a lot easier than doing it completely by hand. The importer does not copy your template or your css (style sheet), and will not bring any plugins that you are using (that would be truly clever).

If you hve complex needs, you can ask for help, but we may need to charge you for the pleasure.

Finally, if you find that your needs outgrow the restrictions of a hosted environment or you want greater freedom than you have on our common platform, we don’t stop you from moving your site somewhere better. Drop us a line and we’ll give you the “how to”.