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Cookie Consent

You will know that “cookie consent” buttons now litter the internet and makes it increasingly less usable and friendly. Despite our misgivings about the wisdom of the legislation, in 2012 we updated our terms of service and made available a small plugin to provide all our users with fine-grained controls to provide consent.

Removing support

We are removing support for some social media tools, mainly as the software has not been updated of late or removed from the official repository. While they may not have represented an immediate or known security risk, these tools (Facebook and Social) were not widely...

Privacy Matters! GDPR and all that

GDPR:  Some questions answered Doubtless you have been inundated by dozens of privacy related communications in the last few days, from a great many companies and organisations. Since our launch in 2010, we've had a raft of policies in place, from our pernickety terms...

Communicate with Video – Immediate News Survey

What do you think? The Bleachingfield Community Centre Management Committee (Dunbar) wants to gauge interest in a novel project called Immediate News. This is a pilot in conjunction with the Ourlocality community website publishing platform (a Sustaining Dunbar...

To lump or to split?

"It is good to have hair-splitters and lumpers." —Charles Darwin Unless you are a compulsive organiser, filing is a chore. And so is putting your news posts in right category. Making sense of piles or files isn't always straightforward. The difference between a pile...

Jetpack and your Privacy

We just got an email in from the good people at, run by Automattic, who among other things nurture the software that we love from As we allow our users to connect to JetPack services through a account, we thought we'd let you...

Why OurLocality?

We live in a global world, but one which still revolves around things local.

Most publishing models still rely heavily on advertising.

Not only is Ourlocality locally-based but its advert-free.

We don’t use personal information for marketing.

Who is Ourlocality?

Ourlocality is everyone, and anyone.

Individuals, community groups, small businesses, community councils and much much more.

In fact anyone with a legitimate connection with East Lothian can claim a site and start publishing now.

How Ourlocality?

We use opensource software, like that of with SSL and other security built in.

We foster an environment that encourages free thinking, debate and communication.

We want local democracy flourish and provide people a platform for any cause, however small.

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