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Rocks and Sardinia

Rocks and Sardinia

First up, welcome back to: aka @annclarkerocks and aka @woodymusgrove two East Lothian archaeologists passionate about stones/rocks who have found their new home on OurLocality. If...

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Join the Club

Join the Club

Since last summer a number of ourlocality website owners have opted to pay a monthly or annual sub for the service. In part this was a response to continuing requests for ongoing training, advice and support, which many active users felt should no longer be completely...

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We have moved!

We have moved!

Due to a minor glitch at our end and a personnel absence at the host end, we only finalised the switchover earlier today,  this Wednesday morning. It all looks good at our end, but if any of you experience problems, we are just an email away. We'll hold on to the old...

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Why OurLocality?

We live in a global world, but one which still revolves around things local.

Most publishing models still rely heavily on advertising.

Not only is Ourlocality locally-based but its advert-free.

More’s the point we don’t use personal information for marketing.

Who is Ourlocality?

It could be you!

Ourlocality is everyone, and anyone with an East Lothian connection.

Individuals, community groups, small businesses, community councils and much much more.

In fact anyone with a legitimate connection with the county can claim a site and start publishing within minutes.

How Ourlocality?

We use a popular opensource software platform, based on WordPress, with lots of security built-in.

We foster an environment that encourages free thinking, debate and communication.

We want local democracy flourish and provide people a platform for any cause, however small.

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