Free Advice

Our Free Support project finished in October 2011, November 2012, December 2013, November 2014, November 2015, November 2016, November 2017, November 2018, 2022?

Big thanks to Awards for All for a small grant that helped us help many first timers get their first web presence and receive one to one training in the dark arts. That 3 month project ended in 2011, eleven years ago. That was the last time this project got grant funding.

Free support is still available on the forum

If you are a community group or organisation, or an individual with a community project or community spirited idea, we can still provide practical advice in setting up your website on

To get you started we'll give you a free taster of what is possible. A free migration may be included under certain conditions.

Free support qualifications. You’re a genuine newbie, you don’t know much about technology, you really want to learn and are not moving to a new job in 3 weeks time. Past applicants may reapply.