This afternoon at 2 minutes to 2:00, a database file started to play up on the OurLocality server, which is cutely named “Agora” or open space (greek) / forum (latin). Two text messages and 2 emails later and within minutes a customer complaint (a slow 8 minutes?) We were rather busy on a couple of other things at the same time, so even though we were on the case just 10 minutes later and the problem had been identified, the fix took a bit longer and 2 long hours had passed. Way too long.¬†Big apologies are due for the extended downtime.

A couple of extra hands on deck could have had the problem fixed a lot faster (because 2 brain cells are better than 1.) Anyone out there with knowledge of Debian, Mysql and WordPress? We have a wonderful setup and great webhost, who will be on hand if our virtualisation environment or OS is the problem.