Gull Control Dunbar - No Parking

Who Controls Dunbar?

Gull Control Dunbar - No ParkingIf you’ve ever visited Dunbar in the summer, you’ll know it is the resident gull population that is in control. Local Dunbar residents share their tight living spaces with a small but significant colony of nesting gulls, which in some previous years have bred rather too successfully.

Gulls are a nuisance, not so much because they call incessantly during the breeding season, but because they foul persistently. Gulls are smart too and have learnt how to persuade teenagers to part with the food, congregating at school times at the local Grammer school, on the High Street in the evenings, when fish and chips are shared. They will also tear open a bin liner and spread its contents liberally, enter shops and homes and increase your window washing bill from £0 to £100s.

Weather permitting East Lothian Council Environmental Protection carry out an annual gull control programme in Dunbar, and today, the 21st May 2013 is Gull Control Day.

So, let us see how many locals respect the temporary no parking order that has been placed on the High Street? The order prohibits parking between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Last year it was universally ignored by all.

Now what was that about gulls causing a nuisance?

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One thought on “Who Controls Dunbar?”

  1. I am pleased to be able to report back that the temporary (parking prohibition) order was universally ignored, once again. Well done all.

    If anyone feels that the gulls are an increasing neighbour problem (and judging by the number of wheelie bins and bin liners they are successfully breaking into on a Monday nights they are winning), please let East Lothian Council know. They may well be able to act on complaints and even remove persistent nuisances or dangerous birds (if e.g. they are entering your property or scaring your pets). There’s plenty of potential habitat for gulls all along the coast, where they could be encouraged and protected. Towns and citys are not good places for gulls.

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