How to grow a tenants and residents group?

Most tenants and residents groups start with just a handful of people who are keen to do something for their area.

We are finding people by:

  • Talking to neighbours who share our concerns and may be willing to help;
  • We’ll be putting notices through people’s doors locally to see if others are also interested in setting up a group
  • Setting up this (free) website

If we find there are enough issues and strength of feeling, a small group will get together – an organising committee – to plan the next stages, which will include:-

  • public meetings to test our initial ideas
  • setup the group formally

And here’s a link to the Guide to starting a tenants and residents association.

How do we start?

Tenants and residents groups are just community groups made up of local people acting together to promote (and defend) the interests of tenants and residents in their area.

They can be organised in different ways, with the simplest form being an action group set up to work on a particular issue.

Typically the first meetings set the aims and objectives and for whom it is set up to represent.

Why bother?

Here are just 3 reasons why:-

  • you care about the area where you live?
  • you feel that your concerns are not listened to?
  • you want to improve the area where you live?

Working together will give us greater influence and there’s a greater chance that decisions are taken in consultation with us.