A New Default Template

We’ve updated the default template for Our Locality to Twenty Twenty One, and added extra jazz.

When you crank up a new website you’ll get some ready made examples of post formats that show off what you can do, along with basic blocks and some tips on how to jump start your site – highlighting typical rookie errors.

Post formats are useful if you like the notion of simply pasting a url or just an image into your news feed and cannot be bothered with the pretence of writing a fully formed story, learned article, daily blog or long form essay.

Blocks are the new way to create impressive layouts in minutes rather than days. Focusing on call to action you can make your website a destination rather than a deprture point.

Also, there a range of different default “looks” in the template that will make your website look instantly professional (provided you take out the filler text – lorem ipsum et cetera et cetera et cetera).

Moreover you can drive your website from your phone, the WordPress App, a tablet, or even from your very expensive 27-inch 5K Retina display with 12MP Ultra Wide camera with Centre Stage, studio-quality mics and six-speaker sound system with Spatial Audio.

If you have not got a website and want a simple site free (or just want to experiment) you can sign up in no time.

Nota bene: when you start your website it will not be googleable. This is handy feature as it means that should you sign up and forget about it – you will not inadvertently advertise the boiler plate website. When you are ready to go live, do it via Dashboard > Settings > Reading

By @ourlocality

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