Twenty Twenty One

Is our new default theme, i.e. when you fire up a new site. By all means upgrade to Twenty Twenty Two, if that feels right for you or you fear being left out of the full site editing experience, but we’re old fashioned and prefer the old world editing experience and the traditional customizer –…

What’s new in 2021?

Twenty Twenty One (TTO from now on) is the default WordPress theme and looks plain and old fashioned, but tailored around the new Block Editor. First off there’s a selection of default colours that are designed with Dark Mode support in mind. So will suit blog posters whose audience is nocturnal.

Image Management

Many website users struggle with images, even those that have managed a website for years. Here’s some straightforward things you can do to make your photo publishing weblife easier.

Help Switching

Inertia prevents many people from switching. Switching their bank, energy supplier, or their insurance provider. The idea that there is a better deal out there might sound appealing on one level, until you actually have to feel the pain of doing it. So many don’t. Regulators and economists seem to overlook this.

Hello Twenty Twenty One!

Prematurely, Twenty Twenty One is here!!! It is the new WordPress theme and, naturally, supports WordPress Blocks (since Twenty Nineteen most WP themes should). Once you get the hang of Layout Editing with blocks, you should find they are great, especially for designing bespoke pages which need to look properly laid out. It is also…