Twenty Twenty is here

With the latest platform update, OurLocality is running WordPress 5.3, a bit slicker and more secure.

With 5.3 comes a freshly pressed template called Twenty Twenty, which is Gutenberg ready. Gutenberg is the new page editor based on moveable blocks, which if you have not done so can be enabled selectively (Settings > Writing). We don’t really recommend enabling Gut globally on an existing website quite yet. Rather you should give it a spin on a freshly pressed site. More on Gut and Twenty Twenty later.

Security-wise, there will be a new nag screen on login reminding you to update your administrator email. We find that people often get into a pickle because they registered their site with a different email address and never got around to switching email account. If we set up the site for you, but didn’t transfer the ownership, it is easy enough for you to reset the owner in Settings > General. You’ll get an email sent to your new address to confirm.

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