Introducing the welcome robot

Hi there! I am the ourlocality welcome robot. When you create a new site I magically populate your new site with a top navigation menu and some helpful articles and pages. :-)

The articles and pages are designed to give you an idea of what is possible with the powerful our locality toolset but they do have my name on them, so remember to delete before you go live. You can safely delete them and refer to the Twenty Twenty One template site instead.

I can also magically correct rookie errors, but cannot promise I will catch them all.

When you get bored with me, unplug me and I will leave you alone. Here’s how:

Dashboard > Users > Remove “welcome”

You can also add new users or existing ourlocality users so that passwords are not shared

By I am the welcome robot

I am the welcome robot! Here to help or just delete me when you get tired of me. Support for absolute beginners is here:
If you have a Paid Up Plan (More) you can also email: