Don’t you hate technology? 2FA security and Recaptcha

Yes, we all do. Unless it doesn’t get in the way.

In the past ReCaptcha (the software trick to stop pesky robots taking over your website) did get in the way, so we dropped it.

Given the rise in a new irritation (password reset spam) we have restored recaptcha. Currently it is in silent mode so calibrating itself, so it can help detect intruders with greater accuracy, without peeing off our current website admins. No harm is done to users … ;-)

We have also activated 2FA, or 2 factor authentication. So when you login you’ll able to setup your authenticator app to restrict who can login. This is optional. If you chose to turn it on, remember to create a new user if you want to share admin rights (a jolly good idea – only fools and erhmm … share their passwords).

Another step to managing password security better (number one was don’t share passwords – ever) is to use a Password Manager, which will help you to choose better passwords and store them safely.

In combination with their authenticator app, there’s a better chance you won’t get hacked. Here’s a Lastpass Review but it should work with a number of other authenticators.

Just so you know, in our setup the authenticator will prevent third part services (e.g. IFTTT) accessing your website. If you need third party access get in touch to discuss.

Feedback welcome.

By @ourlocality

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