The end of the feed

Some time ago in the stone age of the internet, we gave the feedburner service a whirl. This allowed users to register an account at feedburner and get an email feed of when it was updated by any of our bloggers and news editors. The service has run reliably for the last ten years, with barely a glitch, but is now finally being retired.

From now on, to stay in touch grab your own feed via RSS (

You can stick this on your website, or if you are that way inclined, aggregate the content or perhaps mash it up.

If you are a socially inclined, then there is:

Finally, there’s the failbook option.

And despite the relatively small number of current subs, we spotted that we’ve managed to generate a good half million clicks, and a healthy number of views, which could mean something or nothing. We’ll never know.

By @ourlocality

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