Advertising Sites

Google Adsense, Yahoo, Text Link Ads and any other ads are not allowed on the free OurLocality platform. If you would like to run ads on your website, one of these options may work for you:

  • You can run any ads you’d like if you manage your own WordPress installation. More info can be found at

In addition to Google AdSense-type ads, do not use the following services on your site:

  • affiliate / referral links to the domains like: affiliatewindow,, linksynergy, affiliate future etc etc (and / or any similar);
  • sponsored / paid posts including PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and Smorty etc etc;
  • any promotion of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising (these are also known as MLM, network marketing, cash gifting, etc.);
  • adverts of any kind, pay per click or cost per action;
  • link building programmes including irrelevant link sharing / whether it is reciprocal or not;
  • content designed to fool search engines etc, inlcuding paid or sponsored content, rest assured we know how to find it, so don’t do it.

Please check our page on types of blogs and websites for more information about what content is and isn’t welcome on

Note: To support this service and keep Free! features free, OurLocality may run advertisements at some point.

It is hard to see how we can make ads effective but discrete at the same time, so we are only likely to ever do this in limited places and we promise never to show ads on your websites – for they are yours (yay!).