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You can get started in less time than it takes you to read this. You will need a valid email address to verify you are for real. You’ll get your own address


and you can switch to your very own address later if you like (, a selection of free and customizable designs (themes), enough file storage to get you going and all the other great features listed here (and this is just the start). You can publish as much as you want and it’s Free! Your website or blog can be public to the world or private for just your friends.

Our premium features (Plus!) are completely optional.

To register click here or feel free to drop us a line to tell us about your website idea.

We’re happy to advise groups and individuals with worthy community projects on how to get it going.

All your news is published instantly and is searchable on

You can link to one or all the sites on

You can help the project by submitting ideas or even help administer it.

Infact we hope you will help others learn the ropes, when they take the plunge.

For our part we promise to keep the software side up to date, will throw in new features and answer your questions as soon as we can, leaving you to make your site shine.

Go Free!

  • Industrial strength WordPress 3 with our favourite features thrown in
  • Events and Event Calendar Widgets
  • Full comments control and Akismet Spam Protection
  • Domain mapping – buy your own domain and link it to your new site (we’ll guide you)
  • Lightbox – float images and galleries professionally over your pages
  • Menu management – control everything, if your theme supports it
  • Import and export support – if you have an existing WordPress site that you want to import or get the bug and want to move onwards and upwards
  • SPAM safe contact form
  • Help Videos

Need More? Try Plus! £24 per feature, theme or a little extra space – £12 if you are a non profit)


  • need to manage small subscription lists?
  • enable a subscribe to comments feature?
  • re-style your site using css, but need a new template added?
  • would like to build your own forms?
  • must have site performance stats?

Or try: Non Plus! £POA (anything you want – within reason)

And if we can’t do it, we will likely know someone who can.

Try Hourly! £35 / hour (e.g. to help you to reconfigure a theme or troubleshoot plugin problems – 1 hour minimum)