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If you want a piece of OurLocality real estate or to sign up to the support forum, or just need a username to leave comments, click the big red button.

Choose the username carefully if setting up a new site, as this will be used in the site URL – or set up a username first and create the site later.

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Anyone including businesses can startup completely free.

There is no limit on the number of pages or websites for that matter, the limit is based on storage space with the first 500Mb free (80 or so images at 6M each, a lot more if you optimise them).

Have a community project or inspired by an idea you’d like to develop? We may be able to help.#

If you’re new and setting up for a third party, generally it is a good idea to create your username first, once you login you can setup the website (Dashboard > Create Site).

nota bene

Delayed Email: sometimes our system emails get filtered as SPAM. Check there first if you worried that you’re being ignored or there is something adrift.

Delayed Activation: sometimes when you setup your site, one of our admins may need to activate it. Genuine sites (i.e. not SPAM or similar rogue sites) will usually be activated within seconds or minutes, sometimes a bit longer (we need occasional sleep and sometimes have other more interesting things to do.)

Delayed Reaction: if after a month or so we find that you have not mustered the energy to do anything with your site, we will archive it. We won’t pester you nor ask awkward questions. We understand if you were “just looking”.

Postponed Deletion: Archiving almost always ends up with site deletion, so think before you click and sign up. Only sign up if you are going to start adding to your site fairly soon – within weeks. In our experience sites that do not get updated and go live within a period of weeks NEVER go live.