Compliance with UK-GDPR

It has been some time since the UK signed up to GDPR.

We are introducing a new tool to help you manage your website compliance. If you you employ a range of tools to keep in touch with your followers, users, customers, guests, friends or whatever, your policies will need to incorporate all that you use and including how you will store and keep secure electronic information in your personal or business email systems, dropbox and the myriad of other cloud accounts that you have gaily subscribed to.

We offer two new tools, one will help you create a vaguely decent GDPR compliant policy with the now obligatory opt-outs of marketing and stats.

The only tracking that will be allowed is for website functional reasons and this will be controlled by us on your behalf.

The second tool will help you create some simple terms and conditions.

For now turning on these tools is optional, so feel free to activate the tools and plough through the setup wizard – it is pretty easy.

Be warned. Before long we will activate the tools and nag you to create your terms and conditions and a GDPR compliant policy.

By @ourlocality

Publishing Locally in East Lothian since 2010