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DATE         Monday 22nd October  2018

VENUE      Dunbar Police Station

TIME         19:30 HOURS

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Thursday 22nd November.

Priority Actions to be Undertaken Person responsible.
Speeding in 20mph trial zones 3 x speed checks to be conducted at Queens Road, Dunbar and Drylaw Terrace, East Linton.  Remaining as a priority due to evidence that speeding issue remains. Dunbar Community Officers
Youth issues at Ashfield park Regular anti-social behaviour at this location, predominantly on Friday and Saturday nights and every night during school holidays.  Multi agency approach to attempt to ensure there is a police or community warden presence every Friday and Saturday night. Dunbar Community Officers

Community Wardens

Pop-up Jim’s Following unanimous support for the suggestion of obtaining two Pop-up Jim’s contact the supplier, obtain costings then approach all CC’s regarding funding. Dunbar Community Officers



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