What the Police Does

Daily Tasking

We are tasked on a daily basis, according to community information and police intelligence, by a tasking and co-ordinating group, to which we report back our actions and are held to account. East Lothian Community Policing Teams We continue to use the East Lothian Community Policing Teams to target those involved in antisocial behaviour, as well as areas that are ‘hotspots’ for such activity.


We are visible within the community through uniform foot and bike patrols, where we actively engage with all sections of society. This includes special operations directed at youth alcohol/licensing related matters, dog fouling projects and diversionary work such as school linked youth groups.

Local Issues

We tackled area-specific issues you raised with us, including: road and speed checks; deploying resources around pubs and creating a specific team to investigate housebreakings.


Community police officers trained in the use of Prolaser Speed Detection equipment, target ‘hotspot’ areas for speeding.


We worked with schools, particularly younger pupils, challenging dangerously parked drivers around their school.

Licensed Premises

We targeted problem off-licenses and licensed premises, in order to tackle violence and antisocial behaviour caused by young people illegally accessing alcohol.

East Lothian Council Antisocial Behaviour Team

We work in partnership with East Lothian Council Anti Social Behaviour Team, a group of housing officers, police officers, police staff and investigation staff, who target those who commit antisocial behaviour and minimise the effect they have on others.

Local Meetings

We took part in council surgeries, Community Council meetings, Community and Police Partnership (CAPP) meetings, as well as carrying out home crime prevention surveys, delivering leaflets and giving out advice.

source: http://www.scotland.police.uk/assets/pdf/142349/lothiansborders/216181/dunbar_and_east_linton_mmwp_apr_2014.pdf?view=Standard