Any members of the public are welcome to CAPP Meetings to discuss any concerns they may have with the community policing team and East Lothian community wardens.

The meetings have an open forum format, with invited officials and local politicians, and are held within Dunbar Police Station.

Attending also are Tenants and Residents Associations, Community Councillors, Local Councillors and any other interested parties.

Typical Local Priorities

1. Road Safety

Issues with speeding motorists in rural areas and in town, along with inconsiderate parking, e.g. near schools and in lately in town. The CAPP can recommend the positioning of speed cameras and even suggest the acquisition of new equipment. 20s plenty, speed bumps, safe speeds are topical discussion points.

2. Antisocial Behaviour

Problems with violent conduct and random acts of vandalism, people causing disturbance, antisocial behaviour and rowdy drunken behaviour, sometimes involving young people, but not exclusively. The activities of the community wardens often involve diversionary activities, but they have to strike a balance between visible wardening and talks to schools and clubs.

3. Litter and dog fouling

While littering doesn’t come up as often as dog mess, these betray a general lack of concern for the area by the perpetrators and action relies heavily on prompt and accurate reports, as much as wardening.